I tried this and everyone liked them. (Also a little tip is you can use croissant pastry to make this I did)

denna vackra rosformade dessert gjort på äpplen som lindats in i smördeg


How funny. Food art with grape tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and carrots shaping into an owl. Please also visit www. for colorful inspirational Art. Thank you so much!

Owl Fruit Plate - blackberry head, kiwi eyes, cuties beak & feet, apples wings & ears, grapes  body

Owl Themed Birthday Party Fruit tray in the shape of an owl. Blackberries for the head, kiwi for eyes, halos for the beak and feet, apples for the wings and ears, and grapes for the body.

Tvoření s dětmi « Galerie | Tvoření z papíru

Tvoření s dětmi « Galerie | Tvoření z papíru

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