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someone is holding up a card with flowers in it and the words i love you because
To All the Moms
Craftivity and flower shaped gift book for Mother's Day
two children playing with construction paper and scissors
Cardboard basket
Cardboard basket
an open book with paper cut out of it
Make your own bookmark corner characters- even big kids love these!
a pair of scissors that have been cut to look like a bird
anyone home?
Easter Party Craft Ideas - Easter Crafts
the paper hearts are cut out to look like they have been made by children
You Can’t Get Too Much Love
painted hearts with mosaic border
two popsicles with ladybug faces on them and clothes pins attached to them
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Make clothespin bugs and hide them all over the children's library room. Provide bug nets for the kids to catch! Spring!
an image of some paper cut out people
cute little people made from a toilet paper tube and coloured paper springs- Gr.2
the process of making paper flowers is shown in multiple pictures, including scissors and strips of colored paper
Wonderful DIY Swirly Paper Flowers
DIY Swirly Paper Flowers
an image of a flower in a pot with the words parts of a flower on it
Plants Aplenty!
First Grade Parade: Plants Aplenty! Great blog post about her plants unit. You know Cara teaches Kinder now, right? Her blog is AMAZING!
an easter chick craft made out of construction paper and cardboard with the words hatching chicks on it
Hatching Chick Craft Using Popsicle Sticks (Easter Egg)
paper cut out to look like a caterpillar with the words i love you written on it
Universal Kids
Your kids will love making this easy and fun caterpillar full of love.
three green leaves with ladybugs on them sitting on a blue surface next to chopsticks
Plastic Spoon Bugs: a fun and colorful insect craft for kids
Plastic Spoon Craft: Bugs on a Branch
carrots are cut out from paper and placed on a table
Fingerprint Carrot and Bunny Craft for Kids
Fingerprint Carrot and Bunny Craft for Kids at Easter time! #Easter craft for kids #toddler approved |
flowers in vases made out of paper on a blackboard with writing underneath them
Bugs and Blooms. A little peek at my day job...
DIY: Great project for teachers to do in art class, kids to do at home with parents or grandparents for Mother's day or any day! Cut paper relief sculptures in tin can planters.
the instructions for how to make an easter bunny decoration
Knip het lijf 2x uit. Leg ze op elkaar. De wol wikkel je om het lijfje. Ga gewoon langs de pootjes en het hoofdje. Net als bij het maken van een gewoon pomponnetje, knip je de wol los en maak je met een draad een stevige knoop. Je hoeft alleen het kartonnetje niet weg te halen. Die laat je lekker zitten ! En kijk... je haasje of kuikentje heeft een lekker pluizig buikje.. Foto geplaatst door angelina1804 op