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DIY Big Cardboard Birds - Great decor for the bird theme classroom or homeschool room! I would put one in each area - reading, writing, math, etc.

Seeds Pictures

I love the idea of cutting out the shape and then filling them with seeds. I wondered if the seed pictures could be used for the parable of the sewer. Seed pictures - fun kids art project for Spring


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Made these cute Boho Birds to match the classroom bulletin board set I bought for my classroom. Made using scrapbook paper, glue, and mini tissue paper fans!

DIY paper bird cages

DIY paper bird cages: volledig in t wit moet mooi zijn als decoratie.

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* Vogelnestje: met verschillende materialen laten maken bv. verf, stro, takjes, stroken, sitspapier enz. 1-2

Color and add birds to nest. Can also add shred paper for texture to nest.

Открытки на 8 марта своими руками - горячие идеи

Открытки на 8 марта своими руками - горячие идеи

Diese kleinen Piepmätze setzen sich mit Vorliebe auf Bücher , Lichtschalter, Fenster-, Tür- und Bilderrahmen und überall sonst, wo sie sich anlehnen können.

5 kleine Piepmätze, Vögelchen

AccuQuilt Go! Fabric Cutting Dies It Fits! Birds

Make adorable fabric shapes to use in your home decor with the Accuquilt GO. Each package contains a variety of fabric cutting dies in creative shapes and sizes for fun fabric pro