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Designers' scrapbooks

Inspiration boards of our designers.
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Lazy days on the beach or the board of a yacht, retro stars in beautiful swimsuits, anchors and boats, deep blue waves - we love sea and the IRIDA Waves scarf is the best way feel the breezy atmosphere even in the city!


Irida BALLET scarf scrapbook. Anna Pavlova, impressionists and inspiring dance.


Irida CITRUS scarf scrapbook. Inspired by Sicily and juicy colors of nature.


Imagine all the beauty you've ever seen. Opulent Baroque architecture, golden hand embroidery and luxury perfumes from the iconic brands. It all became one, so you can enjoy this luxury every day with a delicate design of IRIDA Baroque scarf.

The flamingo theme always epitomized elegance and tenderness, Spanish flamenco rhythms reveal the hidden passion. Intense and expressive combination of blue and pink is meant for extravagant and daring women, so is IRIDA Flamengo scarf!

eautiful shoes are every woman's passion... Louboutins, Manolos, Jimmy Choos - our greatest fetish and drug. When beautiful shoes meet beautiful legs - here comes not only women's fetish! We want to have it all all the time - that's why created the Irida LEGS scarf!

Summer days, azure sea, cocktails and flashy umbrellas - does it also come to your mind when you think of beach? Inspired by relaxed sunny travels we created the IRIDA Beach scarf, that connects notorious summer colors, memories of The Beach movie and bright mood.

The nature has a great influence on our designs. So we've chosen the gentle pink and pale blue hues and delicate pattern, in which you can see motifs of forest and birds, for our Irida SPECIAL scarf. Perfect for summer morning, don't you think?

Do you think aviation is only connected with strength and masculinity? No way! Think freedom, women wearing uniforms and the feeling of the unknown... Irida AVIATOR scarf connects it all in the gentle but energetic design.

Delicate watercolor paintings, rural inspiration, serenity of still life and gentle poppy print – all these creates the unique design of the MAC scarf. Perfect for spring days that finally came!