Irena Mohylova

Irena Mohylova

Irena Mohylova
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Ladybug exploring

Seven-Spot Ladybird or, in North America, Seven-Spotted Ladybug (coccinella septempunctata)

Sublime Interfusion

naughtyjng: hungariansoul: ♥ Nature is so delicate and yet so strong. Wonders never cease. We are surrounded by small miracles and immense beauty if we can only open our eyes to see.

longue bordure de vivaces dont des géraniums, sauges, nepetas, anthémis, macleaya cordata et phlox menant à un pergola de rosiers.

Garden inspiration: all greens (preferably trees) by the fence + fill the space (outside of patio) with plants of colour depth (shown in the picture)