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Just Thor being Thor

Thor being Thor. NOT avengers BUT pinned there cause why not? Thor is an avenger. Like not the movie the avengers but the thor movie. I dont have a thor board but i have an avengers board so why not. I mean different movies same characters.

I love Clint

Hawk thoughts in adorable mode because his tough-guy act needs to be rectified. <-- "pigeon senses are tingling"

This Phone Can Stay Charged for 15 Years. Keep it in your car for emergencies!!

Brave New Gear - gadgets for a brave new world. Unexpected emergencies can happen anytime, which is why this bare-bones emergency phone should part of your emergency kit. It runs off a single AA battery that will last 15 years if unused.

The Avengers

Captain America totally goes with American Eagle! But I'm not sure about Thor and covergirl.<-- Well, if not covergirl then Thor's a Pantene model.