Ivanka Osuska

Ivanka Osuska

Ivanka Osuska
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Fanta Red Apple by Ahmed Coutry | Fanta Oasis created in the background;  an Adam and Eve, the 'forbidden fruit' concept.

This master visual was done for Fanta Red Apple for 2012 campaign and was approved by client . A mix of digital painting and illustration and photo compositing

Heinz Tomato Paste on Behance

Ramadan 2016 Heinz Egypt decided to launch an outdoor campaign promoting the new tomato paste SKU “The Tin”, the first communication ever made for Heinz tomato paste since the establishment of kraft heinz in egypt 150 years of growing busines…

Photoby for DDB Warsaw with Garrigosa Studio  by photoby digital, via Behance

aw with Garrigosa Studio : Photoby was commissioned by DDB Warsaw to create this visual for McDonald's Poland. Visual created by Garrigosa Studio