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the building is made out of concrete and has a small tree in front
HIRATA of fuse-atelier
HIRATA House, Japan by Fuse Atelier.
an image of a building that looks like it is made out of concrete and wood
Creato Projects - Puertas Las Lomas
The conceptualization of the project takes as a starting point separation architectural program in two main centers - social and private - generating each one of the volumes that make up the house.
three different views of green hills with grass on top and bottom, one in the foreground
5 Things That Are HOT On Pinterest This Week
This Dutch museum is covered in grass and has a rooftop walkway.
a glass house sitting on top of a stone wall next to a lush green field
the spiral staircase in this modern house is made from wood and has been designed to look like
Wirbelsäule eines Hauses,...wunderschöne Holztreppe.
a red staircase in the middle of a room with white walls and wood floors, on instagram
The red palette...
Hemos subido y bajado muchas veces SABES PERFECTAMENTE QUE NO TIENES NADA QUE TEMER ESO SOLO LO RESERVO PARA TI Y PARA MI ,No tengo necesidad de escribir nada aqui para nadie cuando te lo puedo decir cara a cara al oido sin pausas pero como se que te encantan estas cositas como a MI!! Pues por eso te escribo todo esto cariño mio ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
a living room filled with furniture and a spiral staircase
Ljust och fräscht och jäkla högt i tak
Spiral staircase, dark gray couch, dark wood floors.
a staircase with bookshelves and stairs leading up to the second floor in a home
30 menő könyvespolc, amitől át akarod rendezni a lakásodat
30 menő könyvespolc, amitől át akarod rendezni a lakásodar
an apartment building covered in green plants on the side of it's wall,
Vertical Garden
an outdoor dining area with tables and chairs covered in green plants, next to a tall wall
10 Vertical Gardens That Bring Greenery to Boring Walls
Downtown Mexico is a boutique hotel designed by Cherem Serrano Arquitectos
an image of many different buildings with plants growing on the top and bottom floors in each building
One central park: un original proyecto sustentable que cambia de color en cada estación
Gracias a la moda de los jardines verticales, estamos constatando una tendencia en el diseño arquitectónico: estructuras cubiertas en gran parte por vegetación.
an architectural rendering of a modern building with multiple levels and triangular shapes on the facade
Key Hotel Project İzmir by EKE Architects #turkey
an office building covered in green plants on the side of it's face and windows
Gallery of Stadskantoor Venlo / Kraaijvanger Architects - 2
Gallery of Stadskantoor Venlo / Kraaijvanger Architects - 2
a white spiral staircase in an empty room
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