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A young Black woman's face takes up the left side of the image, with the right half of her face out of frame. She is wearing blue eyeshadow to match her dark blue clothes and pink lipstick. Her hair is plaited into many long brown braids. The text details some of braided hairs' history and ways to incorporate them into your magickal practice. Presented by Inked Goddess Creations.
~ Braids ~
The oldest known sculptural representations of braided hair were the Venus of Willendorf, ~30,000 BCE; the Venus of Brassempouy, ~25,000 BCE; and an unnamed sculpture from a burial site on the Nile River, ~3,200 BCE. // #Braids #KnotMagick #Talisman #Beauty #Status #Tribe #Intention #Hair #Decoration #Magick
A graphic about our Inked Grimoire blog post, "The Witch’s Wish Box," presented by Inked Goddess Creations.

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A brown wooden box with a brass latch sits against a dark brown background. The lid is open 90 degrees from the base, and many small yellow magical sparkles are rising up out of the box. The sparkles continue behind the Inked Grimoire blog post title, "The Witch’s Wish Box". Presented by Inked Goddess Creations.
From the Inked Grimoire: The Witch’s Wish Box
A witch’s witch box is a unique tool for solitary practice that should be in every witch’s altar supplies. Let’s explore how you can use this beautiful tool. // #WishBox #Witchcraft #Manifestation #Intention #Spell #Gratitude #Reversal #Witch #Tools #Magick
A close-up view of a pink and white spray bottle takes up much of the graphic. There are subtle bubbles, flowers, and vines in the background, some of which look as though they're being sprayed from the bottle. The text suggests some ways to amp your Spring Cleaning up a notch. Presented by Inked Goddess Creations. Wicca, Cleaning, Herbs, Spring Cleaning, Growing, Spray Bottle, Brighten, Spring, Spring Flowers
~ Spring Cleaning ~
If you're just now getting started on your Spring Cleaning... Well, better late than never! Use this time to prepare your home and mind for the seasons ahead. Clear out the clutter, set your intentions, and let's get growing! // #SpringCleaning #Rebirth #Spring #Cleanse #Purge #Fresh #Postivity #Garden #Home #Magick
A sea-glass green background of light-play in clear water features illustrations of a mermaid on the right and a sea star on the left. The title reads "Pool Magick," and the text details a few ways you can bring your magickal practice into your pool enjoyment and maintenance. Presented by Inked Goddess Creations. Crystals, Crystal Place, Sea Witch, Sea Maiden, Lavender Water, Sea, Water Witch, Candle Magick
~ Pool Magick ~
Take time this summer to make your pool a place where you can truly relax, meditate, and rejuvenate yourself! If you share a pool with neighbors, build a kit you can carry with you, use, then bring home to recharge. // #Summer #PoolMagick #Crystals #Cleaning #Cleansing #Consecration #Mindfulness #Connection #Offerings #Magick
A pastel background features a photo of a flower wreath or garland hung on a wooden fence. The foreground text details the history of Abbotsbury Garland Day, some trivia about its inception and modern observance. Presented by Inked Goddess Creations. Scottish Gaelic, May Days, Pagan Festivals, Oracle Cards, Seaside, Celebration, Folk, Witch Board
May 13th is Abottsbury's Garland Day!
This folk celebration has had to change quite a bit over the last hundred years due to decline in the fishing community and school closures, but its residents have vowed to keep the tradition alive. // #MayDay #Spring #Flowers #Garlands #Parade #Blessings #Celebration #Tradition #England #Magick
A dark spiral-bound journal sits on a wooden desk top next to a computer keyboard, a pen, two crystals, and a burning candle. The text on the front of the journal reads "Busy Witch 2024 Monthly Date Planner". This is an exclusive product from Inked Goddess Creations. Astrology, Planner, Witch, Huge Sale, Months, Save, How To Plan, Stickers
~ Huge sale!! Save 83%! ~ 2024 Busy Witch Monthly Date Planner with Stickers ~ now just$3.33
It's true: 7.5 months out of 12 highly recommend our exclusive 2024 Busy Witch Monthly Date Planner with Stickers. It's never too late to start planning the rest of the year, and at this sale price, how can you resist?! // #BusyWitch #Planner #Journal #VisionaryMagick #Astrology #Esbat #Sabbat #Witchcraft #Witch #Magick
The background of the image is a blurred rainbow of broad, distorted stripes. The names of the days of the week are barely visible and fill the image from corner to corner. The title of our Inked Grimoire blog post, "Days of the Week Magick," is in the center of the image in large letters. Presented by Inked Goddess Creations. Psychic Abilities, Beliefs, Goddess Magick, Divine Feminine, Energy, Inner Strength, Witchy
From the Inked Grimoire: Days of the Week Magick
One of the simplest ways to strengthen a spell or enhance your magick is to work with the magickal energies of specific days of the week. Here’s a quick guide for working with each day! // #DaysOfTheWeek #Magick #Creativity #DivineFeminine #Courage #ShadowWork #Money #SelfLove #Banishing #Energy
A dark background features a stock image of a creepy veiled woman with black hair and eyes. She is facing you with her head slightly bowed, putting it partially in the veil's shadow. The text details the history of the Roman festival Lemuria and some trivia about its inception and observance. Presented by Inked Goddess Creations. Gods And Goddesses, Pagan Gods, Paganism, Ancient Romans, Deities, Spiritual Path, Rituals
On May 9th, 11th, & 13th, ancient Romans celebrated Lemuria!
During this festival, restless spirits were banished from the household with offerings of black beans, the reciting of incantations, and the banging of bronze pots. // #Lemuria #Banishing #Roman #Cleansing #Spirits #Ghosts #Rituals #AllSaintsDay #Pagan #Magick
A small brown leather case is on a whitewashed wood surface. Its snap closure is open, and a round brass compass case is mostly out of the case. The compass has "You Are Never Lost" engraved on the front and accented with black paint. This is an exclusive product from Inked Goddess Creations. Om, Engraved Compass, Case, Cardinal Directions, Guidance, Intuition, Cardinal
~ Exclusive item! ~ You Are Never Lost" Compass for Magickal Direction ~ now $8.00
You'll never succumb to a mermaid's siren song thanks to our exclusive "You Are Never Lost" Compass. Use it to help guide your intuition and spiritual growth. // #Mermaids #Direction #Ocean #Sea #Siren #Intuition #Guidance #Water #SeaWitch #Magick
A deep blue background features a woodcut-style illustration of a mermaid. She has a long serpent-like tail ending in a rayed fin. Her top half is bare, and her hair is floating around her head. The text details a few facts about mermaids, their metaphysical correspondences, and how you can work with them. Presented by Inked Goddess Creations. Mythology, Mermaid Mythology, Mermaid Sightings, Mythological Creatures, Age Of Aquarius, Mythical Creatures, Mythical Creatures List
~ Mermaids ~
It's theorized that "Mermaid" sightings were actually misidentified Manatees, Dugongs, or Sea Cows. These aquatic mammals owe their scientific Order name to these cases of mistaken identity: Sirenia. // #Mermaid #Mythology #Ocean #Sea #Siren #Tempation #Play #Tricksters #Omens #Magick
An orange and pink background features an illustration of the silhouettes of a man and a woman about to kiss. The text details the magickal energy of May and how you can use this energy to further your spiritual growth. Presented by Inked Goddess Creations. Reading, Tarot Reading, May, Blessed, Ritual Tools, Pagan, Tarot
~ May Magick ~
Can you believe May is here already? This month is all about stoking the fires of your goals and using that passion to fuel your spiritual and emotional growth. Love is around every corner, but don't forget to take care of YOU! // #MayMagick #Beltane #Spring #Fertility #Passion #Creativity #Love #SelfLove #Growth #Magick