Karou Diamandis

Karou Diamandis

Abergavenny, United Kingdom / you'll never know me even if i fill this box up. i'm just part of the darkness. ☂☂ mě nikdy vědět, i když jsem vyplnit toto pole nahoru. Jsem jen část ze t
Karou Diamandis
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dirty-little-fairy-tale: “ This is beautiful

photography Illustration art Black and White design boho indie Grunge henna boho chic henna tattoo boho style henna design hiposter

what a beautiful, vibrant print. would be great to take a piece like this and design a room around it. teal greens, oranges, reds.

what a beautiful, vibrant print. would be great for a tattoo


Mandala Design - I could try putting a white Mandala design onto a black vinyl. The contrasting colours will make the design stand out a lot more, make the intricate details easier to see.

Santa Fe Folk Art Market - nepal_writing

Santa Fe Folk Art Market - nepal_writing - Love the design

Henna style mandala on 12" x 12" canvas by Henna on Hudson

Henna style mandala on x canvas by Henna on Hudson Would be awesome embroidery.

Mandala Pattern of Color

The Lotus center of Creation. Colorful mandala art design flower hippie tattoo I want done on the back of my neck ♡

free watercolor holiday christmas gift tag printables downloadable / mstetson design and t&s

free watercolor christmas gift tags / mstetson design and t&s craft

C.S. Lewis

Previous pinner says:Courage! Lewis We've been reading the Narnia series to our kids this year & I am loving it.


You don't always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breath, trust God, let go, and see what's happens.

Inspirational Quotes Of The Day – 28 Pics

I feel this. That's exactly what I want - I don't want you to save me. I want you to stand by my side as I save myself.