Reduce Food Wastage in India

Waste Not ideas for the kitchen - Homemade Cheese Spread & Navy Bean Soup recipes too

Akshaya Patra - A mid day meal scheme for school children

This is our main office in India! Our program is entirely managed in India, lending local talent, knowledge, and ideas to keep Akshaya Patra adaptive and sustainable!

Ancient Indian Scientists

10 Theoretical Particles That Could Explain Everything - Listverse

Save our Tigers

A devastating oil spill has further threatened the survival of the endangered Royal Bengal Tiger. Urge authorities to repeal the approval of oil tanker trade routes through the protected habitat of endangered species.

Unsung Heroes - Shanmugam Manjunath

Unsung Heroes - Shanmugam Manjunath

Unsung Heroes India Satyendra Dubey

Satyendra Dubey, a civil engineer from IIT Kanpur, was murdered in Gaya after his complaint to the prime minister’s office about massive corruption in the government’s pet Golden Quadrilateral project leaked out despite a request to keep it confidential.

Indian Railway Company

Steve McCurry's India Agra, Uttar Pradesh, McCurry said: 'This photograph recorded in 1983 the contrast between a mighty technology - the steam locomotive - and the transcendent aesthetic of the Taj Mahal'