Прага. Краски осени

Autumn in Prague is filled with colors, bright and unique. The city is remembered not only for its unique architecture, but also for its beautiful nature.

Захватывающие выступление "Колха II" в Праге (часть 2)

Exciting performance of the Georgian folklore ensemble "Kolha from Tbilisi was held on October 2016 in Prague.

Грузинский фольклорный ансамбль «Kolkha II». Прага (1 часть)

The Georgian folklore ensemble "Kolkha II" performed with great success again in Prague on the stage of the RCSC. The Georgian ensemble "Kolkha II" in Prague.

Tokara & taiko

Tokara group performed on taiko (Japanese national drums) & caused general enthusiasm among the audience with their technique of performance.

Самая красивая инсталляция в Праге

The most beautiful and unusual installation in Prague was presented at the Signal light festival by the Finnish master Teemu Määttänen.

Инсталляция "Dron-list" Леонардо да Винчи в Праге

Created by Leonardo da Vinci, the flying machine inspired the creation of a drone installation of the Dron-list (author of the Czech Jakub Nepraš).

Прага. Видеомэппинг от Radugadesign

Video-mapping Voice of Figures (Prague) at the Festival of Light Signal was presented by the Russian studio Radugadesign from October 13 to Radugadesign .

Ярмарка Восхитительной Керамики в Чехии

The variety of unique author's and delightful works did not leave indifferent any of th.

Потрясающие работы Роберта Микелсена

Fragile and delicate work of Robert Mickelsen (Robert Mickelsen) just spider - light and airy.

Extreme for everyone

Sports entertainments for the whole family in the Czech Republic. Fun extreme for everyone.

Самый большой аквариум в ТРЦ "Океания"

The aquarium in the shopping and entertainment center "Oceania" is the largest of all shopping centers in Moscow and in Europe.

Чешская Масленица

Чешская Масленица

Шоу.  Боевое искусство Японии

The show with the martial art of Japan was presented in Prague, as part of the weekly program Days of Japanese Culture. Visitors could get acquainted with th.

Cannafest.  Прага.

Cannafest is a cannabis festival. This year In Prague, from November, was held the international festival, at which manufacturers from many countri.