Tokara & taiko

Tokara group performed on taiko (Japanese national drums) & caused general enthusiasm among the audience with their technique of performance.


The Japanese ensemble Tokara performs on taiko. Taiko - is translated as a drum. In Japan, the tradition of using is secretly rooted in antiquity.

Театр Кабуки

Kabuki is a Japanese traditional theater. One of the types of national art, which includes music, dance and dramatic plot.

Японский традиционный танец "Одори"

Japanese traditional dances, including dances of peasants are very ritual and for the European look are rather not clear and unusual. They involve the moveme.

Традиционное создание японской картины

Japanese traditional art creation of paintings, calligraphic painting goes back to the aesthetics and practice of Zen Buddhism. Japanese painting is characte.

Япония. Свадебное кимоно

In Japan, attire in a wedding kimono is a ceremony in which the ancient tradition and culture of wearing national clothes and outfits.

Самое потрясающее выступление

The most amazing and incendiary performance in the days of Japanese culture in Prague was a duo of drummers, with an incredible technique of performing on na.

Шоу.  Боевое искусство Японии

The show with the martial art of Japan was presented in Prague, as part of the weekly program Days of Japanese Culture. Visitors could get acquainted with th.