Прага. Краски осени

Autumn in Prague is filled with colors, bright and unique. The city is remembered not only for its unique architecture, but also for its beautiful nature.

Захватывающие выступление "Колха II" в Праге (часть 2)

Exciting performance of the Georgian folklore ensemble "Kolha from Tbilisi was held on October 2016 in Prague.

Грузинский фольклорный ансамбль «Kolkha II». Прага (1 часть)

The Georgian folklore ensemble "Kolkha II" performed with great success again in Prague on the stage of the RCSC. The Georgian ensemble "Kolkha II" in Prague.

Новогодний фейерверк в Праге

Новогодний фейерверк в Праге

New Year 2018.  Prague

Meeting the New Year in the center of Prague, on the embankment of the Vltava River. December at exactly midnight, there were amicable whistles fro.


The Japanese ensemble Tokara performs on taiko. Taiko - is translated as a drum. In Japan, the tradition of using is secretly rooted in antiquity.

Удивительный мир птиц. Павлины

Peacocks are beautiful birds. In Prague, they live in freedom, in parks.

Прага. Библиотека. Академия наук

The unique architecture of this building dates back to.

Бабочки.  Жизнь.  Польза

Бабочки. Жизнь. Польза

Чешская Масленица

Чешская Масленица

Пражский ноябрь

Prague's autumn in November is bright, uniquely beautiful. Foliage in city parks, gardens and on the streets are pleasing with a multicolored color.

Cannafest.  Прага.

Cannafest is a cannabis festival. This year In Prague, from November, was held the international festival, at which manufacturers from many countri.

Дворец Президента Чехии

Excursion to the palace of the President of the Czech Republic. The residence, the Chancery of the President of the Czech Republic is located in the Prague C.

Потрясающая инсталляция в Праге

The authors of the stunning installation in Prague Boris Vitazek and Zuzana Sabova from Bratislava. The projection was demonstrated for 4 days in the frames .

Световое шоу в Праге

In Prague, a light show (videomapping and various installations) takes place as part of the annual light festival.