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an assortment of food items on a table with mushrooms, grass and other things to make them look like they're eating
Mossy milk chocolate dipped pretzel “logs”! 🪵🥨🍄✨💚The perfect salty/sweet treat! They’re adorned with little royal icing mushrooms that are piped on parchment and left to dry over night! They’re easy to peel off and stick on anything! The moss is simply green cake crumbs - I have another video a few reels back on how to make it! Royal icing2 cups powdered sugar (sifted)5 tsp meringue powder5 (+/-)Tablespoons water Gel food coloringAdd the powdered sugar, meringue powder, and water to a mixing bowl. Mix using your whisk attachment until completely smooth (1-2 minutes). If the mixture is too runny add more sugar. If it’s too stiff add more water! #nobake #pretzels #chocolatelover #mushroomart #christmasbaking | Must Love Herbs | Man DeLorean · Sugar Plum Fairy
a pink frame with a purple dinosaur in the center and flowers on the outside, inside
LuxCups Creative | Chula League
Lilac Lovely, 8x10x8 Hand painted shadowbox with repurposed vinyl dinosaur in foliage
a red and white tent in the woods
Mushroom Camping Tent 🍄🏕️
Not My Photo/Product/Link
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this is a bedroom with bright colors and stars on the wall, colorful rugs
Fun Kids Playroom Ideas – Create a Vibrant Space for Play
Fun Kids Playroom Ideas - Create a Vibrant Space for Play - Puqqu
four different toy dinosaurs with plants in their mouths
The Star Of The Home: Dinosaur Planter
The Star of the Home: Dinosaur Planter 5
two ceramic dinosaurs sitting next to each other on a table
Chelonia Ceramics
a red toy dinosaur with spikes on its head sitting on a piece of wood in front of a white background
Fruit Dinos // Ceramicorn on Etsy