Ilona Strnadová

Ilona Strnadová

Ilona Strnadová
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PatrycyaP1's art on Artsonia

Artsonia is a kids art museum where young artists and students display their art for other kids worldwide to view. This gallery displays schools and student art projects in our museum and offer exciting lesson plan art project ideas.

Watercolor Salt snowflake - The snowflakes are created using a punch.

A simple way to make easy snowflake art with paint and paper. Blend several shades of blue on watercolor paper and add paper punch snowflakes.

Nocturnal Animals: Bats! Craft Activity - Perfect for October!

Your Daily Batty Dose: Craft Edition! Create a night sky with this splatter bat project (be careful, this might get a little messy) Instructions below the cut. Submit your finished projects to.

Bat Painting, Silhouettes on Coffee Filters

Make a silhouette bat painting with a permanent marker, flattened jumbo coffee filter and watercolor paint. Easy and super colorful.