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a person holding a roll of toilet paper next to some crayons and markers
6.5K views · 1.6K reactions | 😀 Have fun creating an Egg family as Easter decoration. Supplies you will need: 🧻 Toilet paper rolls 🥚Hard-boiled eggs ✂️ Scissors 💛 Glue 🖊️ Acrylic markers ➡️ Check the link in bio for the full step-by-step and more DIY ideas ♻️ Have a lovely day ❤️💛💜💚♥️ Que tengas un lindo dia Idea from @supermakeit #toiletpaperrollcrafts #paperrollcrafts #toiletpaperroll #paperroll #recycledcrafts #recycleddiy #diyrecycling #upcycled #upcycing #recycledmaterials #reuserecycle #fromtrashtotreasure #ohohdeco #eggdecorating #easteregg #eastercrafts #easterkidsactivities #easterfamilyfun #eggpeople #eggpainting #eggdecoration | Amaryllis | Selena Gomez · Fun
some cards with pictures of people on them
several pieces of paper cut out to look like chickens and roosters with spanish text on them
an easter egg with hearts and flowers on it is in the middle of a coloring page
Poster gigante con l'uovo di Pasqua - Fantavolando
the simpsons family card game is displayed on a table with other cards and instructions to play it
four pieces of paper cut out to look like different shapes and sizes are on the table
Easter bunny paper craft
a drawing of a circle with the center in black and white
Szablon jajka na wielkanocny wianek - Bystre Dziecko
Szablon jajka do druku dla dzieci - ozdoby wielkanocne DIY