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colorful kites are hanging from a rack with candy candies in them and smiling faces on them
a wheelbarrow made out of leaves on a window sill
Φθινοπωρινή διακόσμηση τάξης ..
Προσχολική Παρεούλα : Φθινοπωρινή διακόσμηση τάξης ..
a door decorated with autumn leaves and an umbrella on the outside, as if it were made from cardboard
autumn door decoration 2019
a bulletin board with an umbrella and some shoes on the floor in front of it
Sonbahar Panomuz
Okulöncesi, Sonbahar hatırası
some food is laying out on a table with leaves and acorns around it
Alyssa | Nature Play Stylist on Instagram: "Cardboard 🍂 Acorns Acorns are such a cute symbol of autumn and this was a fun and easy recycled craft! You will need: 🍂 Cardboard 🍂 Liquid Glue 🍂 Dried beans or split peas This year, we used the painted chick pea fall filler from @hippiehooray . The colors were so fun for this craft! You could also paint your own beans or leave them brown. I drew and cut out the acorn shapes and then the boys helped me to apply to glue and peas! After they dry,
a painting of a tree with colorful ropes on it's trunk and the sky in the background
some paper decorations hanging from the ceiling in a room with children's artwork on the walls
Осенние гирлянды
Осенние гирлянды
an animal themed decoration hangs from the ceiling in a child's playroom with toys
two pictures with different types of paper and leaves on them, one is cut out to look like a bird
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