Márty Neumahr

Márty Neumahr

Márty Neumahr
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An alternative to webbed swimming gloves , these palm-less slip-on swimming aids  from Trend Box , increase resistance and improve techniqu...

While they don't boast the superhero aesthetic of Darkfin Gloves--more like the hand-got-tangled-up-in-a-jellyfish aesthetic--these Silicone Swimming Fingers consume a lot less room both in your bag and on your body than similar froggifiers made of lat

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Unless it's about hockey and I can listen to you without looking at you and you don't expect a reply.

This funny hockey shirt lets the world know that your relationship status isn't single or taken, it's watching hockey! This shirt is perfect for lovers of hockey, the NHL, tailgating, drinking beer, ice skating, watching hockey on TV, hockey players in high school, college, university, or anyone who loves hockey!

If you're looking' pretty and feel in' petty than rock that pettiness! Own your right to be as petty as you want with this sassy, funny, petty pride shirt!