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Silent Horror :: Lost Cell Phone | Tapastic Comics - image 1

Silent Horror - Lost Cell Phone I'm guessing the message is that these days people get too attached to their phones and they feel like they can't live without it, therefore if it breaks they feel like they're dying,.

Want to give your #gutters the best protection against debris? Install #Micro #Mesh #gutter #guards for optimum results to prolong gutter cleaning

We are surrounded by trees literally no gutter guard material worked at all was harder to clean, I am making my own design of guttering, at the moment we have no guttering no worries, water straight onto the garden & then ebbs into dam.

Advanced Command Prompt or CMD Tricks for Windows 10/8/7

Advanced Command Prompt Tricks and Tips, to help you make working with CMD in Windows much easier and quicker. Use these to work efficiently!