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Inka Incognita

Inka Incognita
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Great challenges

Be the best parent you can. Try using these parent challenges to connect. I do most of these daily but it's a nice reminder plus giving a whole day to ONE specific item is a GREAT idea!

Good Ideas For You | Is it Tea Time Yeat?

Put at the coffee/tea station in new kitchen!~ Very cute for a mad hatter; alice in wonderland party.and a topsy turvy tea pot or hat cake.Chandelier made from a vintage teapot, tray, and cups.

Lace Lamp  Upcycled Metal Mesh Lace for $150.00 on Etsy....These are Ikea flower pots, I can TOTALLY make this!

Lace Lamp - Upcycled Metal Mesh Lace Planter Chandelier - Rustic Pendant Light Fixture for direct installation - BootsNGus lamp design. Jeff and Mark on etsy