Putting letters or numbers in order... Cheap and brilliant! Great for skip counting, fractions, putting different three-digit numbers in order........, all great ways to practice 2nd grade CCSS

Clothespins on Hangers to practice alphabetical order (leave out some letters? write words on clothes pins? Lots could be done with this idea. Order clothespin numbers on a separate hanger that looks like a number line.

Guided Reading + Lit Circles - very student-centered organized. Tasks are common core based.

Tips Tricks Teaching: Guided Reading.in middle school.The CCSS task cards are a neat idea for small groups. Could be used for multiple purposes.

Self Watering planter from a soda bottle, I think I'm going to wrap the top edge with duct tape to keep it from falling inside... I've got some zebra print that should do nicely.

Self-watering planter. Cut top third off bottle. Drill small hole in cap. Pass string thru hole. Fill bottom of bottle about halfway with water. Place top upside-down in bottom and put plant in. String will wick up water.

Creating Readers and Writers: ... Anchor Chart Gallery

Amazing Anchor Chart Gallery from Creating Readers and Writers ~ Free make it yourself ideas.


Some sort of star shape board. Points coming out from the middle on to which you can stick the weekly words.

Downloaded the Mr. Potato Head printables (filed under Science). Just grow grass seed in a cup and add face parts...so cute!

Plant People-Just grow grass seed in a cup and add face parts.so cute!

Teaching With a Mountain View: Teaching Main Idea Vs. Theme

Teaching Main Idea Vs. Theme

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10203962470275620  pdf i docx

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10203962470275620 pdf i docx

Classroom DIY: These question sticks help students think of questions to ask during reading and writing workshops.

DIY Question Word Sticks

Question Word Sticks are a fun way to help kids remember what to write about. They are perfect to introduce to a class who needs direction in what details to add to their stories.

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