Zucchini mushroom frittata

Try these mouthwatering zucchini mushroom frittata recipes for a tasty and nutritious meal. Discover how to make the perfect frittata with fresh ingredients and a burst of flavors.
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Until recently eggs have at times gotten a bad rap. Research now suggests however, that eggs are in fact healthy for us and they are packed with vitamins and minerals. Frittatas are one of those dishes that are perfect for any meal—we make them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or serve them as an appetizer when entertaining. They taste just as good cold, room temperature, or hot out of the oven and they are easy to prepare—you need just one skillet and the filling options are endless. We…

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Eggs for breakfast, lunch or dinner make a great meal, and turning them into a one-dish wonder simplifies things. Frittata, an Italian egg dish meaning "fried," are eggs mixed with vegetables and/or cheese, and then baked in an oven and served family-style. The warm creamy eggs are a nice tableside meal and super healthy, if

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