Zoo phonics

Engage your child in fun and educational activities with Zoo Phonics. Explore top ideas to teach phonics through animal-themed games and exercises for a strong foundation in reading and language skills.
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Here are some of the methods I used to teach the alphabet with my transitional kindergarten (TK) class this fall. 17 out of 22 of them learned ALL of the letters and sounds in less than 11 weeks, and that's pretty amazing when you consider that they were ALL four years old when school started!

Toni Dooley
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Linking up with Tara again for this week's Monday Made it! I so look forawrd to these, but today I am feeling a little bummed. I made LOTS of stuff this week, but in my typical fashion, it is all about 7/8 finished. That is how I roll people... I almost finish lots of stuff, then 8 months later, it will be done! Stresses me out - why do I do it?? Hmmm, I may need to sit on a couch to figure out this one! Any who, I did finish my whisper phones. The first time I went to Lowe's and asked a guy…

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