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Discover the must-have woodworking saws that every DIY enthusiast needs. From hand saws to table saws, find the perfect tools to bring your woodworking projects to life.
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The Japanese saw will revolutionize how you do woodwork. Like its country of origin, this tool is all about simplicity and function. Learn why Japanese hand saws belong in your toolbox by checking out this ultimate guide. RELATED: Making The Cut: How To Make An Improvised Wire Saw From Scraps In this article: Why are […]

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To make a good cut, a steady hand is important, but a reliable fence on your table saw is key. I remember the first time I tried to rip a piece of wood without a proper fence; it was a mess. Wobbly lines and uneven cuts were all I got. That's when I decided to build my own table saw fence. It took some trial and error, but finally, I crafted something that actually worked. The difference in the accuracy of my cuts was night and day. Building my own fence wasn't just about saving money. It…

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Table saws can quickly and accurately cut long, straight, ripping cuts (with the grain) or they can make cross cuts (against the grain). A table saw can also make miter and bevel cuts. This power tool is one of the most versatile and commonly used tools in the shop. Unlike portable saws, a table saw can repetitively create

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