Witchcraft diy

Explore the world of witchcraft with these DIY projects that allow you to tap into your inner magic. Discover spells, potions, and rituals to enhance your spiritual journey.
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Not all witchcraft has to be bells & whistles! Sometimes simplicity is the best thing. I’ve seen so much floof on social media lately and sometimes it leaves me with the impression that I’m not “witchy” enough. Some people have such glorious altars with tools and crystals and it can get in your head that you need to buy your weight in crystals and sage to be blessed by the goddesses- and this is absolutely untrue.

Ellie Bob
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Our phones are an amazing tool with so many uses. Contact with others, keeping time, keeping calendars and commitments, news, music, entertainment, the list can go on and on. So of course it can be used as a tool for your magickal practice! Some of these might not seem inherently witchy apps, but th

Jeanine Southall