Winter running

Stay motivated and safe during your winter runs with these top tips and gear recommendations. Discover how to keep warm, maintain traction, and conquer the cold weather while enjoying your favorite outdoor activity.

Wear alone on chilly days or layer with a base layer as it gets colder. Lightweight jackets pair well with a base layer for days in the 30s or 40s Fahrenheit, especially if you plan on shedding a layer mid-run. On the coldest days, we'll zip a light jacket over a base layer and mid-layer.

If you debate whether to brave cold weather running, here's seven benefits of why running when the mercury drops is a fantastic move. Running Tips, Glow, Half Marathon Training, Marathon Training, Winter, Fitness, Inspiration, Running In Cold Weather, Running In Cold

Sure, snoozing through your alarm, staying under warm covers is awfully tempting when the mercury drops. But, there are some great benefits to cold weather running! If you can learn to embrace running in winter like conditions, you and your running will certainly be better off for it. For most runners, getting out the door

Gail Berger