Wild rice recipes side dishes

Elevate your meals with these mouthwatering wild rice recipes that make perfect side dishes. Discover new flavors and add a nutritious twist to your dining experience.
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This savory wild rice pilaf recipe is so delicious I usually eat half of it while I'm making a stir-fry to go on top of it. No kidding! If you want to make rice to go with any dish, but want something a little more special than just plain brown rice, try this! If you...Read More

Lindsay Gardner
The simplicity of boxed rice with the added sauteed mushrooms and almonds. Quinoa, Rice Dishes, Casserole, Cooking Wild Rice, Wild Rice Casserole, Long Grain Wild Rice Recipe, Wild Rice Blend Recipe, Rice Side, Wild Rice

Here’s a quick and easy way to make your boxed rice less boring. Let’s face it, we’re all busy and boxed rice can be pretty darned tasty. We don’t necessarily want it to look boxed, though, right? We want it to look and taste like we put a lot of heart into it. So let’s do that. I love sauteed mushrooms and almonds, which made it Less Boring Wild Rice.

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