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Discover a variety of delicious whole food recipes that are perfect for clean eating vegetarians. Explore tasty and nutritious meal ideas to nourish your body and support your vegetarian lifestyle.
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Whether you're brand-new to this whole meat-free thing or you're a long-time vegetarian stuck in a rut, it can become way too easy to fall back on fake meat, cheese, carbs and other processed stuff. Jumpstart your healthy eating plan with these 23 clean-eating vegetarian recipes.

Krystal MacIntyre
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If you are looking for the perfect post-workout meal for your vegetarian meal plan look no further than these delicious high protein vegetarian meals. These protein recipes are perfect to help you build muscle on a vegetarian diet. These vegetarian meals can do for a perfect vegetarian lunch or dinner.

Kelly Erbe
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Clean eating is all about embracing whole foods (and limiting or avoiding processed foods). It can be really simple, with huge benefits like packing in more nutrient-dense foods so you feel healthier and more energized. And, we want to make it even simpler for you! So, we selected 30 healthy, whole-food recipes for an entire month of easy, delicious, clean dinners.

Melissa Davinci