What to wear iceland

Discover the perfect outfits to wear in Iceland for a comfortable and stylish adventure. From layering essentials to waterproof gear, find inspiration for your Iceland wardrobe and make the most of your trip.
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Planning to visit Iceland is so fun and exciting! If you are planning a visit in the fall, it’s one of the best times to catch a view of the Northern lights. The weather in Iceland is unpredictable, so you should make sure and pack properly so you are ready for anything the Icelandic weather may throw at you. There is a saying in Iceland : There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. You should pack […]

Isabel Hamre
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Packing for Iceland can be tricky. Iceland is a country where you can experience many different types of weather within one day, or even within hours. One moment the sun will be shining and next you will be driving through a storm of wind, rain or hail. The wind can be strong enough to blow you away! Its varied weather is what makes Iceland so incredibly green and beautiful in many places. Thanks to the rain, often followed by brilliant sunlight, after a storm Iceland often becomes the land…

Kaitlyn Engelman