What is customer service

Learn what customer service is and how to provide exceptional service to your customers. Enhance customer satisfaction and build strong relationships with these expert tips.
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How to Improve Skills And Abilities For Customer Service?

Improve your team’s Skills And Abilities For Customer Service with these seven tips. Provide the best experiences to generate loyal customers, and build trust.

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Customer Service Interview Questions and Sample Answers

The 3 top customer service interview questions and how to answer them. Stand out in your interview as the right candidate for the customer service job.

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The Definition of Customer Service

Complete definition of customer service. What is good customer service? Excellent customer service job resources. Discover the meaning of customer service.

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10 brilliant quotes every real estate agent should read, apply, and share - Pipeline ROI

As we go about our busy day-to-day routines, it can be easy to fall into the trap of just "going through the motions." I've found that one of the easiest, fastest ways to jump out of this rut is a good quote. Considering other people's unique perspectives on relevant topics can inspire you, get you to think outside the box, and renew your focus.

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Angry Phone Call: 10 Customer Service and De-escalation Techniques to Handle an Angry Caller Public Relations, Leadership Development, Career Advice, It Service Management, Customer Service Training, Leadership Management, Social Work, Professional Development, Human Resources

Angry Phone Call: 10 Customer Service and De-escalation Techniques to Handle an Angry Caller | RingCentral UK Blog

As a call centre representative or manager, chances are you probably receive an angry phone call at least once a day. Here are 10 different ways that angry phone calls can be de-escalated and handled using good customer service.

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How Nordstrom Made Its Brand Synonymous With Customer Service (and How You Can Too) - Shopify

Ask anyone in the retail industry what the first words are that come to their mind when they think of Nordstrom, and they'll immediately tell you "customer service." Making your brand synonymous with a catch-all phrase that's too often simply thrown around in retail doesn't happen overnight. In fact, its taken the upscale fashion retailer 115 years of complete dedication to creating the finest shopping experience to build such a reputation. There's even an entire book dedicated to distilling…

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