Wet bag

Discover the perfect wet bag for all your needs. Keep your belongings dry and organized with these convenient and stylish solutions for travel, swimming, and more.
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About this item Premium Quality & Water-Resistant: Babygoal wet bags are of high quality. The outer layer of wet bags are made of waterproof polyester and breathable TPU material. Tip: Do not put wet clothes that are too wet or dripping into the wet bag, prevent severe water leakage. Wet items must be wrung out before placed in the bag, excess water may cause leaks through the seams. Double-Pocket Design with Snap Handle: Each wet bag contains two pockets, which comes with two zip closures…

Michelle Rivera
Sew a Wet Bag by The DIY Mommy Cloth Nappies, Quilting, Wet Bag Tutorials, Waterproof Bag Diy, Wet Bag, Diaper Bag, Diy Bags Purses, Cloth Diapers, Sewing Bag

by Christina Dennis I’ve always thought that wet bags were only handy for cloth diapering mommies (which they are), but now I’ve gained an entirely new appreciation for them! They’re a great addition to Baby’s diaper bag. I put food, dirty clothes, wet clothes, spoons, bibs…. you name it – in my wet bag. Here’s...

Carina Parlas