Weirdcore aesthetic

Immerse yourself in the captivating and mysterious realm of weirdcore aesthetic. Discover top ideas to infuse your life with this unique and intriguing visual style.
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Weirdcore is a surrealist aesthetic centered around amateur or low-quality photography and/or visual images that have been constructed or edited to convey feelings of confusion, disorientation, dread, alienation, and nostalgia or anemoia. Visually, it is strongly influenced by the general look and feel of images shared on an older internet, roughly a period spanning from around the late 90's to mid 2000's. Amateur editing, primitive digital graphics, lo-fi photography and image compression…

Stardontdance ;3
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Liminal Space aesthetics revolve around pictures of transitional areas devoid of life, such as malls in the early morning, empty parking lots or a school hallway during summer. The appeal of liminal spaces is often assigned to their frozen and slightly unsettling appearance, but also the indefinite sense of familiarity they evoke. The depicted spaces often include late 20th and early 21th century architecture and furniture, linoleum tilings, ceiling tiles and cool-toned fluorescent lighting…

Brooke Sharp💕