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Capture your special day with creative wedding photography studio ideas. Find inspiration for stunning backdrops and poses that will make your wedding photos truly memorable.
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LUVIT is the new sample of VL that focus on bride and groom on the basis of sincerity rather than outwardly revealing glamor. Natural and comfortable photography focus on bride and groom with minimal use of the props. In addition, it steps out of the existing frame with a wide range of visual presentations. ♥ Email : ♥ Facebook :

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After two years, May Studio has finally released the long-awaited 2019 latest sample, and Mr. K Wedding is the very first to present it to our customers.^^ They put lots of effort and investment on these famous Jeju Island sceneries for our bride and groom to have Jeju sceneries in Seoul for their photography. At the same time, they combined with close-up shots and distance view which surely will s...