Water birth photography

Capture the beauty and serenity of water births with these stunning photography ideas. Explore unique ways to document this special moment and create timeless memories.
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A Beautiful Home Water Birth I am falling more and more in love with documenting birth stories. thank you so much to the Williams ohana for having me for the special day of their bebegirl being born. it’s hard to even come up with words to witness such an otherworldly experience. Sarah blew me away...

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When childbirth moved from the home to the hospital, we lost more than just the natural home-birth experience so many are trying to reclaim. As a society, we collectively stopped learning what the process of labor and delivery look like, now that it's no longer happening in the room or hut next door. Our culture doesn’t always appreciate beautiful, transformational work that brings babies into the world. But maybe — just maybe! — getting an inside look through birth photography could change…

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