Waste reduction

Discover practical waste reduction strategies to minimize your environmental impact. Take action now to create a sustainable future for generations to come.
Turning the Tide: A Collective Journey Towards Plastic Waste Reduction Plastic Pollution, Plastic Waste, Waste Reduction, Waste Free, Waste, Garbage, Variety, Plastic, Reduction

Reducing plastic trash is an urgent environmental concern that cannot be ignored. An international movement is gathering steam in the fight against plastic waste and other forms of environmental irresponsibility. I now have a greater grasp of the risks that plastic presents to our world and the necessity of making thoughtful choices, thanks to some education, some commitment, and the occasional setback in my pursuit of reducing my plastic waste. Garbage and the seas both accumulate enormous…


Where does our trash go after we empty it into a garbage truck? Some recycling facts (as we will see below) reveal that the bulk of our waste ends up in incinerators and water bodies such as rivers and oceans. The rest will likely end up buried hundreds of feet under the ground. We’re recycling, but what does that really mean?