Warwick lol

Learn how to dominate the game with Warwick, the powerful champion in League of Legends. Explore top strategies, builds, and tips to become unstoppable on the battlefield.
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Warwick is a monster who hunts the gray alleys of Zaun. Transformed by agonizing experiments, his body is fused with an intricate system of chambers and pumps, machinery filling his veins with alchemical rage. Bursting out of the shadows, he preys upon those criminals who terrorize the city's depths. Warwick is drawn to blood, and driven mad by its scent. None who spill it can escape him. During his past life as a human, Warwick was a Zaunite gangster who decided to retire from crime and…

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Old God Warwick, Augusto Quirino

My first Splash Art for League of Legends, it was a honour to work on such a fantastic team, learn a lot from this piece ^^ Hope yall like it, thanks!! Client: Riot Games Riot Games AD: Jessica Oyhenart West Studio AD: Mingchen Shen Final Polish: League Splash Team ©Riot Games

Grafik Designer