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Explore the principles and practices of Waldorf teaching to provide a holistic education for your child. Discover how these innovative methods foster creativity, critical thinking, and a lifelong love for learning.
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Waldorf is a holistic educational model that strives to teach the whole child... head, heart, and soul. It's appealing and exciting, but can also feel overwhelming! Kirtsee Raki explains how you too can gift your children a Waldorf-inspired education.

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Seems like lately I’ve been having lots of conversations with my colleagues about math. Could be because (if you ask me) January is a perfect time for a math block. The more inward, reflective quality of this time of year makes it a great time to sit down and crunch numbers. (That’s what we’re doing […]

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We provide Waldorf Homeschoolers with our Four Fold Enrichment which includes Handwork! Learn the projects each grade takes on and how it progresses through the child's education. Four Fold Enrichment also includes Music, German, and Eurythmy.

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First grade is such a sweet, memorable year. It’s the bridge between the kindergarten and elementary years. Like the kindergarten child, the first grader still thrives on days full of play, connection, and rhythm. (For more on supporting these needs, see this post on How to Teach Kindergarten ). Yo

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I'm getting started on my first grade prep and found this great little list of images for letter stories! Waldorf First Grade Letter Stories http://www.awaldorfjourney.com/2017/06/waldorf-first-grade-letter-stories/ Waldorf Reading, Waldorf First Grade, Waldorf Education Homeschooling, Letter Stories, Waldorf Lessons, Steiner Waldorf Education, Waldorf Books, Waldorf Preschool, Grade 1 English

Now that 8th grade graduation is behind me, I’m starting to get all geared up for 1st grade. I’ve got just 3 weeks before my family and I head off for our big summer trip, so I’m wasting no time getting going on my summer prep. Years ago a former colleague of mine put together […]

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