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Explore a collection of unique and stylish VW pickup trucks that will impress any auto enthusiast. Find inspiration for your own customized VW pickup and make a statement on the road.
PHOTOS: The Bugtruck, a Volkswagen Beetle/1950 Chevy Frankentruck, is the coolest mini pickup we’ve ever seen Vw Pickup Trucks, Mini Pickup, Vw Wagon, Vw Rat Rod, Vw Pickup, Kombi Motorhome, Vw Ideas, Vintage Pickup, Vw Sedan

Some folks don’t see the point in a small truck. They’ve got things to do, people and things to carry and can’t abide a four-foot bed thank you very much. But even the most utility-mindful truck fan couldn’t dislike the Bugtruck, or at least want to know what it’s like to cram yourself inside this […]

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