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Explore a curated collection of vintage holy cards that will delight collectors and inspire devotees. Discover the rich history and intricate designs of these sacred treasures.
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IMAGO SACRA MILLE GRATIARUM VALET. ("A holy picture is worth a thousand graces")................... This blog is a means to show some of my holy card collection along with some interesting thoughts and inspirations. "....artists have the privilege in the Church and throughout history, to open up so that people can see the mystery of God. The artist speaks, not just literally, but symbolically. Visual images, if well done, can move us. That's a ministry." Quote from Brother Michael Moran…

Mary Toh
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Immaculate Heart – Einsiedeln Based on an Antique Holy Card This sweet, old-fashioned Immaculate Heart is a mixture of two technologies they had for making holy cards in the mid-1800s. For the frame it uses the engraving style, popular in the early decades of that century. Combined with that is the use of lithograph for the beautiful, colored Immaculate Heart in the center. Lithographs were the cutting-edge technology of the time, providing lovely, full-colored, ink-rich holy cards for…

Emily Rugburn Corrigan
OLD nice rare german Holy cards circa from 1930"H7029" holy jesus Vintage, Art, Nice, Holy Mary, Holy Cards, Vintage Holy Cards, German, Old Coins, Mary

OLD nice rare german Holy cards circa from 1930"H7144" holy jesus. "H7144" today i offered you old HOLY card , it is from the company as Printed in germany. Super Scarce card to find. Holy Card was printed on high quality paper from circa the time 1930 2.9 X 4.0 inches look in my shop you find as 5500 holy cards Shipping: FREE SHIPPING They are in great shape with the slightest bit of yellowing from age. age-related spots on the card can be. corners may be slightly worn Do you want to buy…

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