Vintage halloween costumes

Step back in time with these unique vintage Halloween costume ideas. Find inspiration for your perfect costume and stand out from the crowd this Halloween.
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1. The Tale of the Seven Sutherland Sisters and Their 37 Feet of Hair “Their antics and wild, over-the-top parties were the talk of Niagara County”. Read their story found on Collector’s Weekly. 2. A Ouija Coffee Table and Rug “For geeks who enjoy occult-themed fare like Supernatural and Buffy, and can also afford to…

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Let’s see, we’ve got a scarecrow costume in the middle, and what looks like the inspiration for The Orphanage in the front. As for the two on the end, maybe this was Halloween on a budget in the first half of the century? That one one the right just looks like he/she wrapped a blanket around his/her […]

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