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Experience the timeless sound of vintage guitar amps. Find the perfect amplifier to enhance your guitar playing and capture the iconic tones of the past.
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25 Most Valuable Amplifiers

Text by Dave Hunter Data compiled by Alan Greenwood and Gil Hembree Vintage Guitar is marking 25 years of publication with a year full of features. Using data compiled for The Official Vintage Guitar Price Guide 2011, we continue the celebration with a list of the 25 most valuable amplifiers – those that helped create

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Best electric guitars 2023: 15 top picks for every playing style, ability and budget

Finding the best electric guitar is difficult, but at the same time, thoroughly exciting. The term 'best' means different things to different people, and it's the subjective nature of this which makes the task so much harder – as well as the task of putting together this guide. For some players, the best electric guitar is something simple and utilitarian, and for others, it's a guitar which is dressed to the nines in a fancy paintjob, and has every conceivable gadget onboard.