Vaulted ceiling decor

Transform your space with these unique and creative decor ideas for vaulted ceilings. Discover how to make a statement and enhance the beauty of your home.
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Choosing new wall decor is a tough decision. There are endless ideas, ranging from 2-dimensional paintings to pop-out shelves. Creating that environment is difficult for any home, but there is even more space to tackle with high ceilings. Do you tackle this project yourself or invite a professional into your home? Is the decoration something […]

Melissa Fedor
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Vaulted ceilings are grand ceilings with a supporting arch above the walls and come to a point. They are often referred to as cathedral ceilings and create an expansive overhead space in your home. With such high ceilings come tall walls and the question of how to decorate them! Of course, with so much space, […]

Beth Gillam Perisic