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Discover the diverse and powerful fleet of US Navy ships. From aircraft carriers to destroyers, learn about the capabilities and missions of these extraordinary vessels.
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1. The aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (Big E) was the longest warship ever built and weighed over 90,000 tons. Despite this, it was one of the fastest, due to having 8 separate nuclear reactors putting out a total of 280,000hp. No other carrier has more than two.

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US Navy to Deploy its First 'Electric Ship' - DDG1000 - to the Pacific - Defense Update: Us Navy Ships, Naval Force, Us Navy, United States Navy, Aircraft Carrier, Navy Ships, Fleet, Uss Zumwalt, Battleship

On May 20, 2016, the U.S. Navy accepted delivery of the lead ship of the next generation, ‘electric ship’ guided missile destroyer, USS Zumwalt (DDG 1000). The Navy announced the home port of the new combatant at Naval Base San Diego following its commissioning in Baltimore, on October 15 this year. Zumwalt is scheduled to arrive in San Diego in late 2016.

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