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Explore the captivating character of Twilight Jane and her role in the Twilight saga. Discover interesting facts, behind-the-scenes stories, and fan theories about this enigmatic vampire.
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Jane is a high-ranking member of the Volturi guard in the Twilight Saga. She is the older twin sister of Alec, and together they are the Volturi's most powerful offensive weapons. Jane has the ability to induce a crippling, although illusory, pain in other people's minds, which serves greatly in instilling fear and maintaining order to confrontations. She is portrayed by Dakota Fanning in the movie adaptations. In addition, she is also portrayed by Elizabeth Kenney and Alyssa Emily Marvin in…

Deep Black Hair, Story Editing, Charlie Swan, Bleached Eyebrows, Elizabeth Reaser, Ivory Skin, Julia Jones, Jackson Rathbone, Dark Curly Hair

Dangerous - voltori love story *EDITING* - intro 1

Bella swans older sister delilah is a assassin after finding out bellas boyfriend left her she went to help her let's say bella heavily dislikes her when she gets home one night she saw a vampire and gets dragged to Italy to save bellas vampire boyfriend there she finds her soulmates bella had no clue about this and left her to die but she ends up being a very important person to the vampire world vampire kings x witch twins x Dimitri x felix x oc Started-January 9th ended- ???