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Chicken pelau is one of the most popular lunchtime meals in Trinidad and Tobago and is typically a one-pot dish made with well-seasoned, bone-in chicken pieces, browning, pigeon peas, rice, and veggies. Coconut milk and butter are often added for more flavor. The origins of pelau are not exactly clear. The dish is similar in...

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Green seasoning can be found in most Trinidad kitchens as it is the foundational element of our cuisine. It is made by taking a variety of local fresh 'green' herbs and blending it to create an aromatic soupy paste-like mixture. This mixture is then used to 'season' the entire spectrum of Trinidad dishes. Green Seasoning can be used to marinate meat as a base for soups, one-pots, and curries, or you can use it to give depth to a sauce or condiment. There are limitless ways to use this…

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Trinidad pelau is a delicious dish made with caramelized chicken, pigeon peas, rice, and veggies that are cooked in coconut milk, broth and Caribbean seasonings. It has roots in Spanish, Creole and African cuisine.

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