Tree rat

Uncover the intriguing world of tree rats with these fascinating facts. Learn about their unique habits, habitats, and how they play a vital role in the ecosystem. Get ready to be amazed!
One of the infamous Brevard white squirrels. Brevard, North Carolina Dogs, Animais, Animaux, Bear, Animales, Cute Animals, Albino, Resim

A few of the infamous Brevard white squirrels. Photos taken on the grounds of Brevard College, Brevard North Carolina Please view LARGE against a black background HERE If the black background doesn’t work, please view just LARGE HERE Here's the story of how the white squirrels came about: Brevard’s white squirrels originated from a carnival animal truck. According to Brevard resident Mrs. W.E. Mull, a pair of white squirrels was given to her brother-in-law, H.H. Mull, by Mr. Black of…

Than Arp
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With all the birds feeding in the garden on the seeds I drop for them, there is always some left for nightlife. This resulted over the year in a group of about 5 rats visiting my outdoor ‘studio’ every night. With an infrared camera and an app on my phone, I could follow in detail what they were doing every night, finally deciding this had to become a photo project. From the start, I wanted to portray the rats as nicely as possible. There are a lot of prejudices about rats and a lot of…

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