Travel savings

Discover smart tips and tricks to save money on your travel expenses. Start planning your next trip and make the most of your travel savings.
Free printable 16 week (4 months) travel savings plan with ideas and tips to save money on expenses and start your family vacation fund before summer! This template will help you create a budget travel savings plan and hit all the places on your bucket list. Trips, Saving Money, Organisation, Budget Saving, Budgeting Finances, Savings Plan, Budgeting Money, Budget, Savings Challenge

Summer will be here soon and I know most people start getting the itch to go on a family vacation. There's always the dilemma of how to save money for a trip fast. I'll give you some tips I have for creating a travel fund for your vacation in just 4 months. You can save $1000 in just 16 weeks for your vacation fund!

Jeannette Castro