Toy australian shepherd

Find your perfect companion with our selection of adorable Toy Australian Shepherd puppies for sale. Discover the joy of owning a loyal and intelligent dog breed that is perfect for families and individuals alike.
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The Australian Shepherd is a purebred dog, originally bred for sheep-herding. There are four different sizes of Australian Shepherd including the Teacup, Toy, Mini & Standard Australian Shepherd. Here is an Australian Shepherd size comparison guide so you know all the facts about each size of this dog breed. If you are interested in Teacup,…

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My Toy Aussie is a breeder located in Fremont , Michigan. is our website. This is one of our females, her name is Jane. Beautiful red merle female miniature australian shepherd with one blue fleck eye and one amber colored eye. Amber colored eyes are my favorite. To learn more about my breeding program, please go to our website.

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Breeder of quality Toy Australian Shepherds, specializing in tiny Teacup Toy Aussies. Miniature, and Mini sized Aussies. We have Aussies in all approved colors, red merle, blue merle, black tri, and red tri. We even have the sought after blue eyed tri.

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