Total body workouts

Get in shape and improve your overall fitness with these effective total body workouts. Discover top exercises and routines to target all major muscle groups and achieve your fitness goals.
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A 30-minute at home circuit workout to build strength and burn fat! This workout combines dumbbell strength and compound cardio exercises.

Christian Mejia
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Intermediate - Full-Body Dumbbell Toner – free illustrated workout by Stacey Quick at Mustard Fitness. View and download as a printable PDF via WorkoutLabs Train.

Ashley Meins
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Looking for moves that tone all over in less time? Here's a list of 10 full-body exercises that'll get you fit as efficiently as possible!

Megan Westbrooks
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You only need 24 minutes to do this full-body workout for busy people! Unique and effective, this workout both builds muscle and torches calories fast.

Nikki Parker
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This dumbbell workout targets your full body while implementing supersets and tri sets for a great burn. Plus, find out why dumbbell workouts are incredibly beneficial for your fitness goals.

Elodie Duclos